How to use the Property Investment Calculator

How to use the Property Investment Calculator. Or How I saved $28,000 on my first investment property in NZ.


Investment Property Calculator Review

Investment Property Calculator Review


The Investment Property Calculator is an advanced suite of spreadsheet products that I found on the interweb.

If you’ve used my Property Investment Calculator you’ll realise that is a quick tool to help guide you when first looking at a property. When you want to take it to the next level and really drill down into the nitty-gritty you’ll need something more advanced!

What you’ve got in the

The All New Real Estate Investar

There have been a number of changes at Real Estate Investar over the past few month.

Investar have just completed 20 months and over $2 million of technology development work to significantly upgrade and improve the membership products that they provide to property investors.


Buying at Auction

I hate buying at auction!
There, I’ve said it. I hate buying at auction. I hate the very idea of selling at auction.


So you want to blog

So you want to blog.
Ok, you’ve made the decision – you want to blog.


First 5 Home Staging Tips

First 5 Home Staging Tips
Remember – First Impressions Count! So your first 5 Home Staging Tips all relate to what potential puchasers can see without even getting into the car, let alone getting out of it.!

What to attend to first:

For around $100 you can transform your old letterbox. You might have to dig another hole, but it’ll be worth it. It can be literally the first thing the first thing people see as they look for your number. For goodness sakes, get some nice large shiny numbers to match your new letterbox.


External home staging tips

External Home Staging Tips
First impressions count!

external home staging tipsIf you’re looking to sell your property to someone who’s going to live in it you must think about these external home staging tips. The first impression a buyer gets of your home make can make or break it’s chances of getting a wining price at sale time.


5 reasons to pay for home staging

When it comes to home staging if you’ve done a bit of research you will realise you do have the option to do it yourself. It all depends of your skills and personal circumstances.

At the very least you can make sure all the major resale grunt work is done. If you’re handy on the tools or with a brush you can save yourself a lot of money doing the basics of a cosmetic renovation.

Now when it comes to finishin goff the home staging job then you have two options.

Spend time and energy learning how to stage your home, or
Paying a pro to get the payoff.


5 reasons to sell your investment property vacant

5 Reasons to sell your Invesment Property Vacant

sell your investment propertyIn a previous article I posed the question – “Should you ever sell your investment property whilst it is tenanted?”
My answer was no!

For the majority of you looking to sell your inevestment property, you’ll be selling it to either a homeowner or an investor.
If you even think there’s a chance of selling to an owner/occupier do not, under any circumstances market your property with a sitting tenant.


Selling Investment Property

Selling investment property that is tenanted.

Should you ever sell your investment property whilst it is tenanted?
Almost certainly never?
There are 2 possible circumstances I have encountered where I might consider this.


Selling a House in 7 Simple Steps

You don’t always have to renovate a property to get it ready for sale. If you’re selling a house that’s in good condition, you don’t have the time, or the budget won’t allow it, then there are still some great steps you can take starting right now without breaking the bank.


Selling your own home – How much work?

Selling your own home can be a stress.
Having just sold my home at Auction for a record price for the area it was brought home to me how important it is to really finish off your home for sale.


What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is basically just making money selling other people’s products.

When I got started in Internet Marketing I had a zeal to get started and some information about how to technically put up a website. I came from an IT background so the whole idea made sense to me.

I wasn’t afraid to buy stuff online and I could see more and more that people were able to sell things online that could be delivered digitally. I’d bought things myself, so I knew others would too.