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So who am I and why should you even bother reading this?

I’m just a regular guy, who like you, wants to generate a passive income rather than sitting in the car or train for 2 hours each day and spending up to 10 hours at a job that’s driving me nuts!!!

I’m an Australian property investor and I trade the sharemarket for cashflow to enable me to spend the time I want with my family.

Well, I’m half way there!

My poor wife, (who is much clever than me and has good job!!) is still commuting whilst I’m working from home (in between school runs) to replace her income.

I want to show you what has worked for me and what might also work for you too!


But be warned……

australian property investorI don’t have any products to sell, I don’t have an e-book or video series and I haven’t got a seminar for you.

australian property investorI have got a wealth of experience. I have tried lots of programs and found many things that didn’t work for me!!

australian property investorI lost $100k in the GFC because I was following a share trading system that forgot that the market could go down!

australian property investorI was too dumb to ask for help and kept trying to do it myself

australian property investor I’ve bought investment properties in Melbourne and Sydney that have cost me money and hair!!!    australian property investor

australian property investoraustralian property investor australian property investoraustralian property investor

Why am I telling you this?

Because you can learn from My Mistakes!

Don’t make these same mistakes yourself

australian property investor

Instead find out what has really worked for me! You can learn :

australian property investorHow I was able to acquire 7 Positive Cashflow Rental Properties in New Zealand in less than 2 years!
australian property investorHow I used my money in superannuation to trade profitably in shares and even investment in property!
australian property investorWhere I found real people who taught me how to safely invest in real estate in Australia and New Zealand
australian property investorHow to assess a potential investment property by looking at the numbers, not pictures
australian property investorThe best way to buy shares at a discount to the current market price so you have an edge over the market
australian property investorHow I  generate a monthly income from my shares on top of any dividends.
australian property investorHow I protect my share market investment the same way i would d protect an investment property
australian property investorWhat I do now to generate cash that takes my time but but not my money!

I believe the best way to succeed is to find someone successful and ask them! Then Do what they say!

I believe we all need to take action as soon as possible to build streams of passive income.

I love property and it’s the cornerstone of my investment portfolio.

I love the liquidity of shares and the ability to squeeze cash out of them too!

I’m learning to love cashflow strategies available to anyone with a computer and access to the internet.



So – Who am I and what have I actually done?

My property journey began at the age of 19 when I purchased my first home in Melbourne’s outer south east suburb of Hallam.
Why so young?

Well I had always wanted to get involved in the property market. Early childhood memories revolve around moving house, sitting in the back of the removalists van (I’m pretty sure it wasn’t moving, but I like to think it was), looking at new display homes, finding a new home with a pool and rumpus room which was a dream for a young boy.
As I got older I can remember going with Dad to auctions in the local are, wanting to try and predict the sale price and trying to figure out what our place was worth. A lot of this was back in the late 70s and early 80s, at time of low interest rates and booming property values. Many families moved onwards and upwards and I guess I became hooked on the thought of property as a great family asset as well as a means to improve my lot in life.

Back to my first home

australian property investorMy plan was always that I’d pay it off as soon as I could, with  larger payments than required, fortnightly payments etc. I’d even built my own spreadsheets (with charts!) to see how long it would take me. Wasn’t I excited!

Well things don’t always work out exactly as you plan them. I never really made any money as such from that purchase. I’d bought it with my partner at the time back in the late 1980’s and from memory at the time interest rates were approaching 17%! Yikes. There were some borrowers whose rates were capped at a lowly 13% – the cheek of having such a good deal!

I didn’t want to miss the boat and I was so proud when I went to the local bank (I think the State savings bank of Victoria – before it went bust!). The good thing was the price was only $98000 and change. My yearly salary at the time was about $19500 and I felt like a King. I’d moved out of home, was working in a small IT team with other young guys and felt invincible.

Things change. My relationship ended and I now had responsibility for a whole house and mortgage, rather than a half share. Guess what happened to property prices in the outer south east of Melbourne over the next 7-8 years? Nothing! Who’d ve thunk it, what with urban sprawl, backed up freeways and interest rates in the teens. Why didn’t my property double in value like it was supposed to? Who could possibly have predicted that I wouldn’t have become financially free by the age of 27. Not me!

It was far from being a disaster, in fact it was a great time in my life and I have no regrets about the purchase at all. It gave me a good grounding in responsibility, it forced me to save (by building equity) and taught me not to fear debt if used responsibly.

I eventually sold the home about 10 years later for about $110k! I just wanted to get my money out of something that was going nowhere and into a new home. My timing may have been off because the property then doubled in value over the next 7 years as interest rates were low and excess supply had been taken up in the area.

The thing I learned is that property is a large investment and you gave limited control over the return it can give you. Yes, you can renovate or landscape, but the main factor affecting the value of your home is what the market is “feeling” at the time, and you have zero control over that.

My favourite property

australian property investorSoon after I was married and had been getting a taste for the lifestyle of living in inner city South Yarra I purchased what had turned out to be my favourite property.

I bought this 2 bedroom apartment near to bus, train and tram back in late 1997. Why did I buy it? Because I loved it and wanted to live in it.
Why do I love it now? Because it was a great investment? Because it had a great return? No! Because I still want to live in it and I love the area!

If this was an investment property I would never have bought it.
Because I spent too much on it. I “reckoned” it was worth about $200-210k back in the day. It was for sale by a auction, so it was full of emotion. I had said my goodbyes to my wife of 1 year and waltzed out of the door of our nearby rented unit and strolled down the hill to the auction. Now don’t get me wrong, I really wanted to buy this unit and had done a bit of research. But by the time we were going up by $1000 increments ad infinitum it was getting tedious for all but the vendor! I’m pretty sure I paid more than it was worth, but it didn’t matter. This wasn’t a decision for the bean-counters, but one for the heart.
That’s the story of your own family home and why it’s different from an investment property.

Now the unit would be worth about $650, so it’s tripled in value. Excellent. But is it really still a good investment?
When investing in property  you need to know what return you’re looking for and be prepared to run the ruler over your property each year!

 Well what’s your background then?

australian property investorI’m just a guy with no particular affiliation with the finance, property or share market sectors. Yes, I’ve worked in a bank, but only as a back room computer operator! In fact the closest I‘ve come to working in any of these industries was a few years ago when I’d decided to “work on my weaknesses” and do something I knew I would find very challenging.

I went door to door trying to persuade people to let the local real estate agency list their property for sale.

Why did I do this? To this day, I’m not 100% sure. I think it was to be able to say to myself that I’d “had a go”. It also helped that I’d been “moved on” from my job at the time and was willing to try something new that was not my natural strength. In the end, I did not succeed. After 4 months and not a single lead it was mutually decided that it was time for me to move on.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret it at all. I have a new found respect for many who work in the sales and real-estate industries. But I’ve gone back to “playing to my strengths”.

All right – So what do you do now?

australian property investor

That’s me up the back!

I’m currently sitting behind a computer screen typing this. This is what I did for the best part of 15 years as an IT specialist.
I’ve always loved computers. Back when I was a kid there weren’t who lot of games, just Word processors and programming languages. I could spend all day siting down writing code. Noting that could be applicable in the real world, but enough to allow me to enter the local football scores as the matches ended and know the league ladder before the guys in the radio could work it out.

Nerdy right!

Why do I share this. Well, I’m not a salesman and I don’t have any products to sell you on this website.
But I do want to share that the one thing that’s allowed me to have some success and to certainly have experienced a lot in the investing field is because I’ve been willing to “have a go” and take a chance occasionally. That’s me up the back having a go at indoor cricket. If you’ve seen me play you’ll know I’m not in the top 5 on the team.

I guess I play like I invest – un-spectacularly.

I was explaining to my eight year old son how I play the percentages and don’t smash the ball around. He said “Yeah, I know, kind of boring!” Well perhaps that sums up my investing style now. Low risk, medium reward!
I’ve learned that I need to take what my kids now tell me is “responsible risk” and I encourage you to do your research and then choose to also “Have a go!”

When you take action you too will begin to see results.

To your success,












australian property investor


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