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So you want to blog

So you want to blog.
Ok, you’ve made the decision – you want to blog.


What is Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate Marketing is basically just making money selling other people’s products.

When I got started in Internet Marketing I had a zeal to get started and some information about how to technically put up a website. I came from an IT background so the whole idea made sense to me.

I wasn’t afraid to buy stuff online and I could see more and more that people were able to sell things online that could be delivered digitally. I’d bought things myself, so I knew others would too.


SocialADR Review – Will it work for me?

SocialADR Review – Will it work for me? How can I get traffic to my site? I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at a product called SocialADR. I’m using it to promote this website and test to see if it actually can drive traffic here.


LinkLuv Review – Is it any good?

linkluv review

What is linkluv?

Linkluv is a social book marking site. It’s made in order to get people to share each others links through their own social bookamrking sites. If you have your own social bookmarking account you can use Linkluv to share other peoples links for credit, whilst they share yours.


Akismet Review

Akismet Review
How can I stop all the spam comments on my WP Blog?

Simple – Just use a product like Akisment.

Akismet is a wordpress plugin that will help you manage your blog comments and sort out the wheat from the chaff.