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Rent Manager Review

Do I need a product like Rent Manager?
For years I have been using products like Quicken and MYOB to keep track of my rental portfolio.
Why? – Well I already had them in place and used them for all my financial records including family trust and super fund. It was good to keep on top of my record keeping and to have these record to pass on to my accountant each year.


How to use Real Estate Investar to check value!

How I secured a property at a 40% discount.

This is an example of how to use real estate investar to find great deals and secure property at less than the market rate!

It doesn’t matter what strategy you’re planning to use – I was after cashflow positive real estate – you want to make sure you’re not paying too much. Here’s how I was able to use Real Estate Investar to help secure a house at a 40% discount.


Real Estate Investar Review

What is Real Estate Investar?

Real Estate Investar is in fact an online suite of tools that will help you to find your next investment property (or even get a good deal on a new home!)