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Transferring money with OzForex

Or – How do I send my money to NZ and not get ripped off?

Simple – Use a currency transfer service like OzForex.

If you’re like me you may have had to make a currency transfer at your local bank branch. You’ll know what a pain is can be. Not all the staff really know what is going on and they can’t really help you if you haven’t got ALL, and I mean ALL your i’s dotted and t’s crossed.


How to Buy Shares using Covered Calls

How to buy shares using covered calls.


I have had an active interest in the sharemarket for over 10 years, but as you’re all aware, the market can go up, down and often sideways.

Perhaps a better long term strategy is investing for income stream and this is where the covers calls strategy comes into play. I first heard of this strategy back in 1999 and gave it a go, trying to milk the reasonably volatile NewsCorp stock on the ASX, all to no avail. I didn’t have the skills and hadn’t done the homework to make it work at that time.