First 5 Home Staging Tips

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First 5 Home Staging Tips

Remember – First Impressions Count!

first 5 home staging tipsSo your first 5 Home Staging Tips all relate to what potential puchasers can see without even getting into the car, let alone getting out of it.!

What to attend to first:


For around $100 you can transform your old letterbox. You might have to dig another hole, but it’ll be worth it. It can be literally the first thing the first thing people see as they look for your number. For goodness sakes, get some nice large shiny numbers to match your new letterbox.


I’d toyed with having my driveway re-panted or re-surfaced. But this would have cost in the thousands. I ended up simply getting stuck into the edging and spraying any weeds that were growing through the surface. Yes, my garden contractor had done most of the job, but the detail is down to you. You really can’t be too picky.

Garden Beds

Again, the back had been broken with the power tools, the chainsaw and brush cutter. But I still needed to get out there and pull some weeds by hand and remove some old rose bushes that were making the pace look tacky and tired.
If in doubt, throw it out. I left a couple of nice rose bushes that I knew from experience would flower just in time for me sales campaign, but got rid of nearly everything else.
I then filled in the gaps with some simple ground cover and shrubs that I picked up myself from the local nursery.

Roof and Guttering

I cleared the guttering myself as best I could but because I had hidden guttering it was impossible to get into some corners and there were leaks where the edges joined. Whenever there was sizeable rain there was dripping for the next 2 days right at both the front and back door of all places. I had a roofing plumber around and 2 hours later it was all good as new.

This chapter is all about first impressions. You can always keep going outside, and you will be over the duration of your campaign, but as far as making an impression, it’s time to move inside.


Here you have a few things to attend to.

Front Porch
I had to repair a couple of loose tiles and give it a good clean. You don’t want to leave any work for the new buyer.

Front Door

I’ve discussed this in a previous post, but in my case I decided to remove the front security screen door. It was old and tired and made the entrance look dark and uninviting. By getting rid of something looking bad I revealed a well made and grand looking fron door that was enticing to the eye and drew people into the home.
Porch Light
My old thing was a cheap looking piece of plastic in the style of an old coach-light. This was totally out of keeping with the look and feel of the home. I got rid of it when I had the sparky around to replace switches and poinits. I went to the local hardware store and for around $20 I ahd a new ight fitting that looked and felt like it had always been there.

So attend to the basics with these first 5 home staging tips and you’ll boost your end sale value by a lot more than it costs you to get teh job done.


Until next time,

first 5 home staging tips





first 5 home staging tips




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