Investment Property Calculator Review

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Investment Property Calculator Review


The Investment Property Calculator is an advanced suite of spreadsheet products that I found on the interweb.

If you’ve used my Property Investment Calculator you’ll realise that is a quick tool to help guide you when first looking at a property. When you want to take it to the next level and really drill down into the nitty-gritty you’ll need something more advanced!

What you’ve got in the Investment Property Calculator is an excel spreadsheet you can use to analyse property in greater detail.

1. It allows you to simulate up to four people to co-invest on one property. It also shows the weekly cost and the future ROI for each individual investor.
2. It predicts up to 30 years cash flow of both pre-tax and after-tax.
3. It estimates property market value for future 30 years based on the capital growth rate that you set.
4. It calculates who pays for your investment property and how much on a weekly basis – from year 1 to year 30.
5. It automatically calculates the income tax before and after deductions.
6. It automatically populates all the government tax, duties, and the capital works deductions (construction cost depreciation).
7. It will clearly tell you whether the investment property you want to purchase is a negative gearing one or a positive cash-flow property.

There’s also a specialised  version of the product that allows you to keep records and manage your investment properties all in one place

investment property calculator review

There’s a free version you can download and a whole suite of products including a depreciation schedule report and a commercial property analysis tool as well.

If you need a more advanced investment property calculator then this is well worth a look.


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