LinkLuv Review – Is it any good?

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Linkluv Review

How to build backlinks to your blog

LinkLuv review

I’ve only just started using Linkluv as a marketing and back-linking tool for this blog. And NO, the cool dude up there is not me. I’m the other guy in the top right corner!

What is linkluv?

Linkluv is a social book marking site. It’s made in order to get people to share each others links through their own social bookmarking sites. If you have your own social bookmarking account you can use Linkluv to share other peoples links for credit, whilst they share yours. A little bit like I scratch your back, you scratch mine and we all pay a little to Linkluv for providing he backscratcher.

How can I use Linkluv?

Well, as seems common practice for these kinds of service, you can simply pay for links or be an active participant and share links yourself for some credit.

If you want to go down the sharing links route, you’ll need at least 10 accounts with social bookmarking sites like Cuzo, Delicious, FriendFeed etc. You will need to pay a little either way, but it depends how much time you want to spend each day. For mine, I couldn’t be bothered with the sharing side of the equation. For you it might be a different choice.

I chose to simply buy some links and test it out. I will make a decision down the track to upgrade to a subscription model if the results are worthwhile. In other words: Am I going to make money from these links or not? That will depend on you and your site.


Will Linkluv actually work?

Well , as they say, you can’t control the outcome, only the process. So there’s no guarantee of how google and friends will rank your site or how quickly any backlinks will be indexed. However you will receive verifiable confirmation of back-linking within the first 24 hours of starting with Linkluv.

Here’s an example of a screenshot from my LinkLuv account.

linkluv review

As yo can see it says I have 45 backlinks for my Cashflow Positive Rental Property page. Now this is all well and good, but how can I actually tell what’s happened.

Easy – Just click on the 45 hyperlink and you’re taken to a report showing you exactly what the backlinks are. Here’s an example from my account.


These are all hotlinks so you can click through a few to test what they look like and confirm that they do in fact link back to your target page. You can even export the links to keep track of them or use it to ping them yourself to get that indexing happening a little quicker.

What does Linkluv cost me?

If you’re like me and just want to give it a test drive first then the best bet is to simply by some points.

You can get 1000 points (links) for $20 USD. This is where I started.

If you want to subscribe to a monthly plan it can be cheaper, but unless you want to select the $34 USD plan you’ll also need to have access to at least 10 social sharing sites so you can ‘autoshare’ other members links.

The verdict on Linkluv

My own personal experience has been that it’s well worth the automated plan, simply buying instant points and using them if and as I wish. As your need increases so can your plan.You have very little to lose with Linkluv as long as you’re following a solid SEO plan of building good content and have good keywords for visitors to find.

It is similar to a service called SocialADR that I’m also using. I’m not sure if you need both but LinkLuv allows me to integrate spintax from The Best Spinner and appears to be cheaper to use, but the jury is out right now.

You can’t just put up some rubbish on a blog and hope to completely outsource your income lead generation to a bunch of teeny socio-sharers. Linkluv is one plank of your platform for success. If you treat it like this you WILL achieve the result you’re looking for! linkluv review


Until next time,

linkluv review





linkluv review


LinkLuv review


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