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new real estate investar

There have been a number of changes at Real Estate Investar over the past few weeks.

Investar have just completed 20 months and over $2 million of technology development work to significantly upgrade and improve the membership products that they provide to property investors.

From November 2014, Real Estate Investar is also pleased to announce:

  • a permanent reduction in the pricing of our contract membership plans. A client can now pay as little as $99 p.m. instead of $179 p.m. for Portfolio Builder (premium) membership.
  • a new lower cost Portfolio Manager membership option, starting at $49 p.m. for those simply looking to manage existing investment portfolios and accounting better.
  • free integration with Xero’s cloud accounting solution.
  • a 21-day free trial for any new client.

Check it all out at and watch the new 2 minute video.


new real estate investar


Welcome to the new Real Estate Investar

I’ve also included some of the training videos from the Real Estate Investar website here for you to have a look at. To see what features are available simply click on the video below.


The good news is the currently you can check out all the features of real estate investar for free for a total of 3 weeks. If you like what you find you now join without any month to month contract. This is a great advantage for those looking to purchase an investment property in the near future.

Start searching with Real Estate Investar

I’ve also embedded a real estate investar training video showing you how you can use the search features to narrow down your hunt for your next investment property purchase. Just click into the box below to get started.



For those more active investors Real Estate Investar has new options for 12 or 24 months that significantly reduce the monthly costs. This is a great feature if you’re planning on buying several investment properties over the next year. It’s also a cheaper option for those who wish to continue to use the portfolio tracker and Xero integration features.

To see more look at the website.

Until next time,

new real estate investar


new real estate investar




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