NZ Rental Property Opportunities

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NZ Rental Property Opportunities

What bang can I really get for my buck?

nz rental property opportunitiesBack in December 2011 was the first time I had set foot in the shaky Isles, New Zealand.

I had set forth on a three hour tour with Gilligan and the Skipper…no!!…..

But seriously… I set out on a trip with like minded investors, members of the Results Mentoring  2011 trip to New Zealand’s north island in search or positively geared residential real estate.

I ended up purchasing 3 following homes as a result and I’ll be providing updates as to their progress in the following months. In fact I have some live numbers on my first purchase in my article on Cashflow positive real estate.

Until next time,

Dwight Veenman




  • Hi Dwight,
    Thanks for sharing your experiences in NZ.

    Are there still good deals to be had there?

    Brett C

  • Great question Brett. The market is still good for buying if you look in the right spots. For anyone interested here’s an example of the kind of house I’d look at today:
    Current rental is $285/w according to the agent. Annual rates are $1865. Run the numbers through the Investment Property Calculator!

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