Real Estate Investar Review

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Real Estate Investar Review

What is Real Estate Investar?

Real Estate Investar is an online suite of tools that you can use to help you to find your next investment property (or even get a good deal on a new home!)

I’ve used Real Estate Investar’s suite of tools to look for new investment property opportunities and compare them to others on the market. I also use Investar to value the potential purchases and ensure I am getting the  best deal possible.

Here are some of Real Estate Investar’s best features


Find – Investar Search

real estate investar trialThe Investar search engine is designed specifically for the entire Australian (or New Zealand) property market. The data is pulled from the major listing sites, agency sites, private sale and mortgagee sale sites and public trustee sites.
You can then choose to filter based on the type of strategy you’re looking to follow.
For example you can set filters to look for cashflow positive, subdivision, subdivisions etc.

Value – My Valuer

real estate investar reviewThis great tool will give you a price estimate of any given property. You can also obtain invaluable data on previous sales history and even the advertising history.This takes the guesswork out of your decision and gives you the same information that the banks have access to.

Research – My Research

real estate investar reviewYou can look up things like how long has the property been on the market? What did it sell for previously and when? There’s even access to old photos, plans and aerial pictures. A  new feature is to be able to map sales and rental results. You can see at a glance how your target property compares with others in the neighbourhood. I have used this part of the tool extensively to make sure the house I was buying was not at the higher end of the price range.

real estate investar reviewAnalyse – Property Analyser

Allow you to crunch the numbers (one of my favourite things in thew world to do!) You can make an informed decision based on as many inputs as you have access to.

You don’t wants to make important investment  decisions based on emotion. Use this tool to help you forecast growth and cashflow.


Track – Portfolio Tracker

real estate investar reviewAllows to you see your overall portfolio at a glance. See how your portfolio will look with the addition of any new investment. this is great if you don’t have any other current software to monitor your properties. You can even use this feature to attach files and pictures for each property you have. Will track in either AUD or NZD. Great for those who invest across the ditch!

How can Real Estate Investar help me?

Great for trying to find the right property for a specific strategy. For example:

  • High yield for cashflow.
  • Multiple dwelling for strata subdivision.
  • Large land size for subdivision.
  • Below median price for possible renovation and capital gain

I find the Investar search and property valuation data by far the most valuable and well worth the cost to me when I’m in an active investing phase. I really need to know how my target property compares to what’s currently available on the market.

What does Real Estate Investar Cost

Currently available for a 21 day trial for FREE after which time the costs revert to a monthly charge of between $49 to $249.

I have used the service in the past when looking actively to purchase new investment properties. From time to time I’ve cancelled my ongoing membership when I was consolidating my investment property portfolio. I’ve always been able to suspend membership payments without an issue.


  • Excellent search tool. Access to huge database of sales information. Perfect for those who love to sift through data to find gems.
  • My Valuer data gives you a fantastic edge.
  • My Research can save tens of $1000s of dollars by giving you the inside track in negotiating.
  • Invaluable for looking to buy in an area you’re not intimately familiar with.


  • Month to month pricing is not for tyre kickers. Best suited to serious investors who are actively looking to invest or manage an active portfolio.
  • Results only as good as the data that is available. In Australian states like Victoria you’ll still only be able to get aggregated historical price data, not necessarily individual lots.


The Verdict on Real Estate Investar

If you’re a serious real estate investor who wants be an investar then I believe this product is a no-brainer.
I have personally subscribed over 3 separate periods and used the data to help me purchase 7 investment properties at what I believe was below the current market value, allowing me to make instant capital gain!
The next time I’m looking to buy (I have 10 properties and counting) I will be renewing my membership and would count the current monthly subscription price of $249 as a very fair price to pay for doing business.

In my case I treat my property investing as a business and I believe so should you.
In my next article I’ll take you though a real life example of how I used Real Estate Investar to secure a property with a 40% discount to its value. Over the past 2 years Investar has been able to save me thousands by giving me the upper hand!

Until next time,

real estate investar review

real estate investar review




  • Re Portfolio Tracker, be aware that you will NOT be able to enter historical income/expense data. It is from current FY onwards only. A real big flaw, and one that meant I did not go beyond their 21 day free trial

  • Hi Brian, Portfolio Tracker is designed to help you set financial forecasts from the current year forwards and then track how you perform against those (editable) forecasts.

    If you use Xero for your accounting, which syncs and is included with Real Estate Investar Membership, you have full control over when you set the opening balance date for and the ability to add or import all historical transactions from that historical date onwards. You can start as many years back as you like and this will give you year on year reporting data as well.

    Xero will sync current FY income and expenses with Portfolio Tracker daily and give you current and forward looking performance information (actual vs forecast) including updated market value estimates, net equity, LVR% and DSR%.

    Remember Portfolio Tracker is not an accounting system, its designed to overlay market data and actual financial performance to keep you abreast of managing your portfolio. Once you roll over your first financial year, it will retain the history for you. Xero is your accounting system that integrates your bank feeds and Portfolio Tracker to bring it all together. They work hand in hand.

    If you need any help or more training don’t hesitate to contact our team at or call 1300 737 782.

    Regards David

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