SocialADR Review – Will it work for me?

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SocialADR Review – Will it work for me?

How can I get traffic to my site?

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I’ve spent the last few weeks looking at a product called SocialADR. I’m using it to promote this website and test to see if it actually can drive traffic here.

And NO, that’s not picture of me trying to Get Traffic. As if that would work!!!

What is SocialADR?

SocialADR is a social book marking site. The idea is that hundred or thousands or users share links to each others sites. If you have your own social bookmarking accounts like FriendFeed or Delicious you can simply link these account to SocialADR and share other users links too. The more people who use the service the more diverse the links you can receive.

Here’s how it works:

socialadr review

How can I use SocialADR?

The bottom line is you can link your own social accounts to SocialADR in order to share links to gain credit, or you can simply pay up to buy credit to use.

If you have no accounts the simplest thing is to buy some credits to test out how well SocialADR will work for you. This is what I did initially. Having never used a service like this I was keen to find out exactly how it worked.

After adding some links from my sites I checked back after a few days to find hundreds of submissions to other networking sites.


socialadr review

In theory each of these is a link back to your site. I had 135 possible links back to my Cashflow Positive Rental Homes page I clicked on the hyperlink to get a more detailed report of what these links might be:

socialadr review

I then chose to click-through these links to see the actual users site and verify the link back to my page.

I did this the first few dozen times just to make sure I understood what the links looked like and how the worked. Occasionally I’d find a broken link or a page that seemed empty but 9/10 of the appeared to work.

What to do next with SocialADR

Now that I knew it actually worked I wanted to find out how I could use SocialADR for the long term.

I didn’t just want to spend money. I wanted to use my own social sites to share links and build my own credits. The problem was I had no social sites except for Facebook and twitter and I didn’t want to jam up those accounts with heaps of random links.

No problem – SocialADR can set up your social accounts for you!

Yes – that’s right. At the time of review for the sum of $11 SocialADR set up over 20 accounts for me so I could begin to earn credits. What’s more, they’re real accounts that you control. You can use them on other sites like Linkluv as well.

I chose to simply buy some links and test it out. I will make a decision down the track to upgrade to a subscription model if the results are worthwhile. In other words: Am I going to make money from these links or not? That will depend on you and your site.

Will SocialADR actually work?socialadr review

Well there’s no guarantee of how well any links will be followed or indexed but I can now see literally hundred of links back to my pages. Only time will tell how well these links affect search engine rankings and real traffic.

If you’re reading this page there’s agood chance that SocialADR is doing it’s job though!



What does SocialADR cost me?

If just want to give it a test drive first like I did  then the best bet is to simply by some points.

You can get 100 points (links) for $7 USD. This is where I started. If you have your own social accounts you can link them and build your own credit.

If you want to subscribe to a monthly plan it can be more cost effective than buying random credits. you can start a monthly subscription from as little us $19.95 per month which included 400 credits.

I’m currently using the free account and slowly building credits via sharing which takes 2 minutes per day.

The bottom line on SocialADR

SocialADR is easy to use and it works:

  • Fully automated. Once you add your link you never have to log in again if you don’t want to.
  • You can get hundreds of different links for each page
  • You can set the rate of link building to suit: from every few hours to once per week.

It’s works in a similar way to another product called LinkLuv. The jury is out as to whether one is better than the other but you’d be mad not to try the free account and see what it can do for you.


Until next time,

socialadr review

socialadr review



socialadr review

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