5 reasons to pay for home staging

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5 Fab reasons to hire a Home Staging guru

home stagingWhen it comes to home staging if you’ve done a bit of research you will realise you do have the option to do it yourself. It all depends of your skills and personal circumstances.

At the very least you can make sure all the major resale grunt work is done. If you’re handy on the tools or with a brush you can save yourself a lot of money doing the basics of a cosmetic renovation.

Now when it comes to finishing off the home staging job then you have two options.

  1. Spend time and energy learning how to stage your home, or
  2. Paying a pro to get the payoff.

I’ve paid professionals to do my home staging and I’ll do it every time in the future.

A home staging professional has access to all the right stuff, they’ve done it before, they know how to “wow” the audience and they also can look beyond what you can see and look at your home through fresh eyes.
When I had an initial consult with Katrina from StagedHomes she immediately came up with a concept to turn my meals area into a second living room, thus adding a huge amount of “perceived” living space to my home. That single move alone probably added over $10,000 to my end sale point. I would never have even considered that as an option.

When you hire a pro you will:

Gain access to years of experience and hundreds of stories:

They say the one thing you can’t buy is experience. Well that’s true, but you can rent it!

The key to success in life is to surround yourself with people smarter and better than you. A home staging professional may have several years and hundreds of houses under their belt. You have the opportunity to gain access to their experience, knowledge and skill.

Save you money:

Sometimes the key to success is what we leave out. There is no point wasting both time and money on a project that will not add any value to your property. An experienced professional will be able to guide you so that you only spend your precious time and money. Do you really need that new fence, new flooring or new bench top?

Set the right scene:

All good developers know what is in style when they paint and furnish their new apartments. They find what works and keep making it. A good home staging professional is the same. They know what is currently in style and can dress your home so that it looks “new”. The right choice of colour, style of carpet or furnishing can make a huge difference to the initial impression. Don’t reinvent the wheel; leverage the knowledge of someone who did it last week and the week before.

Get the right props:

You don’t want to be heading out to the discount furniture store looking for that cheap new 2 seater lounge and coffee table that would look just “right’ in the living room. A home staging pro has access to a range of furniture and allow you to rent just what you need for as long as you need. These days you can rent not only the bulky furniture items but soft furnishing and artwork. In my last home I even hired a non-working fridge to fill the void left when I removed my old unit.

Make you money!

All right! This is the real reason you’re doing all this right. In the end for every dollar you spend on the final polishing of your gem you can expect to receive at least $3 in return. Don’t underestimate the effect of the 1% actions. Every little detail counts. To get the right advice and have someone be able to consult with you and help you deliver the best possible product will pay off at sale time. It works for me and it will for you too.
Sell your home faster.
Sell it for the highest price.

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home staging


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