Selling a House in 7 Simple Steps

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Selling a House in 7 Simple Steps

selling a houseYou don’t always have to renovate a property to get it ready for sale.
If you’re selling a house that’s in good condition, you don’t have the time, or the budget won’t allow it, then there are still some great steps you can take starting right now without breaking the bank

1. Start Early

In the months leading up to marketing your home start to clear out your garden, shed and general clutter. Go through your lot and get rid of extra unnecessary crud. Have a council rubbish collection if you can order one, or take a trip to the tip.
Start to weed now and trim trees and shrubs. Clean the outside of the house, wash your windows and get some weed and feed onto your lawn so it will be looking great in a few weeks.

2. Livin’ Large

You want to make each room appear as large as possible. There are three things to do:

  • Remove any excess furniture. You don’t want to have to “squeeze” past anything
  • Clear the Corners. Rooms look bigger if you can see from corner to corner.
  • Mirror mirror on the wall don’t you make me look so tall (and roomy)

Well-placed mirrors make any room look bigger. A dressing mirror in the corner of a small bedroom can add real depth.

3. Style the Space

You may not be a staging guru, but you’ve been to display homes and well styled houses before.
The key is to make each space well-defined. Have a desk in a room if it’s to be a study. Have a small table in the area set aside to be for meals. Don’t simple expect people to imagine it for themselves.

4. Live in the light

Natural light sells your home! Remove any obstacle to allow light into your rooms. Remove bulky curtains if necessary. Clean the windows. Trim the trees.
The next best thing is strong lighting. Make sure all lights are working. Up your power levels 25% if the sockets will allow it. Add a floor or table lamp if there’s not enough ceiling lighting. You don’t need to do any invasive electrical work. Make sure all lights are on for any open homes you have.

5. Staging the Storage

When selling a house – Storage Rules! Just remember Shaynna from The Block, she loved storage.
Make sure your storage is working. Remove extra clutter and appliances you don’t use. Store them in the shed or get rid of them. Curious viewers will look through your storage. They will open kitchen draws and cupboards; they will look in your closet. You have been warned!

6. Polish for Profit

Everything should be “gleaming”. Everyone can clean. There is no reason to leave anything to chance at this point. You have done everything you can so don’t let up as the finish line approaches.

7. First Impressions Count

You only have one chance to make a first impression. Your home must look its best from the street.
If your letterbox is tired, replace it. Do you have a fence, paint it. Look at your home the same way first time visitors will and make sure there’s nothing there that will give them reason to doubt.

You’re well on your way to sales success!

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selling a house




selling a house


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